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We provide you free reading. Free hot new books are offered every day to keep you reading!
We provide you cloud synchronization. The function of bookshelf and reading progress automatically help you record what you read.
WuxiaWorld is dedicated to fulfilling your reading dream! Come and download! !
• Bookmark, read & get notifications for new chapters
• Easily track your progression
• Advanced search
• Offline mode
• Night mode
• No Ads!

  • shllove

  • 2019/06/02 21:59

This app is good, it’s easy to operate,the page is concise,and the content is so rich. There is everything in it as long as you want. I hope you can love this app just like me.

  • silentscarlettt

  • 2019/05/28 08:55

Not only no money, no ads,mo messy book coins and no recommended tickets, but also this app has so many books that the other apps don’t have. It’s easy to register. It really doesn’t make sense to give the five stars.

  • GregLuck

  • 2019/05/26 14:23

All novels are free, and chapters are updated quickly. Most popular novels can be found here. And also you can find some rare or old novels by using external search. If you find it , it can be cache and imprted into your bookshelf. It’s so humanized. Haha~

  • dm95

  • 2019/05/16 07:13

A great novel pursuit app. As what I say , this app has the latest and the most completed novel resources, the page is concise, the way to read is very comfortable and smooth. We can customize the reading mode if we want , and we can also add our favourite novel in our own library.

  • ImBloo

  • 2019/05/14 18:32

My favourite part is its fresh interface. Looking good on it , and no messy. It almost has all the novels what I want. The reading experience is nice and optimized. This app also has popular listening function. You’re gonna love hearing with your ears.